Welcome and bienvenue à Jennifer Left! My name is Jennifer, and I am a lifestyle blogger and travel enthusiast passionate about exploration, food, and self-discovery. I hope that sharing stories, tips, and advice about my travel experiences will inspire you to make room in your life for more family adventures. The goal of my blog is to show others the beauty of traveling the world and experiencing new ideas and cultures, even with young children! 

Before dedicating myself full-time to blogging, I worked as a freelance travel and food writer for both U.S. and internationally based magazines. I loved researching and writing about different topics daily, from buzzy new restaurants shaking up a local food scene to must-see locations in Northern Greece. More than anything, I drew inspiration from meeting people with different life experiences and sharing unique snapshots of the world with others. 

One of my greatest life adventures has been raising my twin sons, Miles and Jamie, with my loving husband Alex. As a family, we have already adventured through breathtaking landscapes in the U.S. and abroad. Whether we are staying in a bed and breakfast along the rugged Northern California coast, or taking in ancient history in Athens, Greece, the most important thing is that we are sharing these experiences together as a family. 

Throughout my career as a blogger, I have been recognized for my family-focused, glass-half-full approach to life. I believe that traveling can create lasting memories and help bring families closer together. When I’m not exploring new destinations with my family, you can likely find me cooking up a storm in the kitchen, practicing yoga in my backyard, or simply enjoying a good book on the couch. Follow my journey on my blog and social media channels and get ready to embark on your next family adventure!